The New Godspeeds Musical “Darling Grenadine” is Having its World Premiere in Summer 2019

Witness the world of a struggling songwriter’s world staggering through thick and thin in the contemporary romance musical “Darling Grenadine” by Daniel Zaitchik.

The Goodspeed Musical offers a bittersweet summery of a fighting artist in their new musical continuing their trend of always providing something stimulating and inventive. Now cheap Darling Grenadine tickets are on sale. You can buy them before they get sold out. Darling Grenadine is having its world premiere at The Marriott Theatre in summer 2019.

The musical is brought to you by Third Coast Creative and is partially reinforced by the National Fund for New Musicals, a National Alliance for Musical Theatre program, receiving its funds from The Hollywood Pantages, a Nederlander Organization.

The Musical introduces us to modern Manhattan’s fun-loving jingle composer Harry, his fairy-tale life with his girlfriend Louise, Brother Paul and much-loved Labrador retriever who is also Paul! As reported by, The musical’s romantic comedy sparks the whimsicality of that an MGM Musical, while on the other hand, intrigues us to find out how the reality breaks the so-called perfect orchestrated fantasy. With the most absorbing musical scores the musical bids the abrasion amid romance and reality, bitter and sweet, high and low. A round of applause for a musical that supplies something rather enchanted, touching and brashly fresh.

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