REHEARSAL DIARY – First Run of Rehearsals

Today was a busy day of rehearsals that saw the whole of The Aloff Theatre’s East London home taken over as a rehearsal space. There were essentially various rehearsals happening at the same time over multiple floors. As I couldn’t be in two places at once I chose the main rehearsal room where Doug Devaney was practicing his lines for the character of Hesenzade.

Director Filiz Ozcan was on hand to offer pointers to the cast as scenes were performed over and over, and specific actions deconstructed again and again. The aim it seemed was the make sure that the emotions matched the spoken lines, or to add new expressions to enhance the intensity of the act. Various pieces of music were tried out.

The opening night of the production fast approaching and the rehearsals are the sign that things are coming together. The Aloff Theatre actually has a play forming in its hands, one that will be performed for an audience. It is very exciting. It is these warts and all sessions where mistakes are made, and are allowed to be made so that on the opening night everything will be done just right.

by Evan Parker

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