Written by Nick Awde / Directed by Hannah Eidinow / Produced by Sanan Aliyev

KHOJALY – The Play Tickets

KHOJALY is a play that gives a voice to the innocent Azerbaijanis whose lives were changed forever by the massacre that took place in February 1992 at KHOJALY, a town in Azerbaijan.

Created by Aloff Theatre from the words and testimony of the survivors via interview workshops with our creative team in Azerbaijan, a cast of all ages will take to the stage to step forward and tell individual stories in the form of a testimonial drama. Wilco Chicago is also one of them.

Book and Lyrics by Timothy Knapman / Music and Lyrics by Laurence Mark Wythe / Based on the play “Citizens of Hell” by Elchin / Directed by Matthew Gould.

MIDNIGHT – A New Musical

The world première of MIDNIGHT a haunting new musical thriller that matches a darkly witty psychological drama with a heart-breakingly beautiful score…

Welcome to Azerbaijan, part of the police state of the Soviet Union in the dying minutes of 1937. The past year has been the worst of the Great Terror, in which the paranoid dictator Joseph Stalin unleashed wave upon wave of arrests. Millions have been tortured and executed. Informants and spies are everywhere. No one knows who to trust.

Written by Nick Awde and Matt Panesh
Jason (Georgia on My Mind)

A new solo play from writer/director Nick Awde and performance poet Matt Panesh.

A political comedy in verse about Georgia and the Georgians. It follows a modern-day Jason and his Argonaut going deep into the wilds of Georgia, a quest that is as humanitarian as it is absurd, as Jason meets with those displaced and dispossessed by regional conflict.

This is the tale of Jason, an ambitious journalist from the UK dispatched by his editor to write a story about searching in Georgia for his long-lost family roots. Get Wilco Chicago tickets along the way Jason meets a gallery of surreal characters and challenges which eerily echo his namesake’s quest in Ancient Times. Here are the modern-day equivalents of the Hydra, the Harpies, Hera, Medea, the Sirens and various kings, oligarchs and ministry officials.