Presiding over an institution for the insane, the gloomy Chief Psychiatrist and Doctor fret about the point of life while the Janitor pilfers from supplies. Meanwhile they deal with the ongoing case studies of their delusional inmates – the fractious couple inhabiting the single body of Wife/Husband, the Martian who stares out of the window up at the planet Mars, Joseph Stalin who declares repentance for his crimes against humanity as dictator of the USSR, and Sarah
Bernhardt who revels in memories of playing her finest role as Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Aloff Theatre and l'Arte del Teatro (Italy) co-production


A Doll’s House is transposed from 19th-century Norway to Baku on the shores of the Caspian Sea, capital of the newly declared Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan. The date is 1927, a year of momentous change for the city that was the one of the world’s first oil boom centre.

Aloff Theatre and YUG Theatre (Azerbaijan) co-production

MIDNIGHT - A New Musical

The world première of MIDNIGHT a haunting new musical thriller that matches a darkly witty psychological drama with a heart-breakingly beautiful score…

Welcome to Azerbaijan, part of the police state of the Soviet Union in the dying minutes of 1937. The past year has been the worst of the Great Terror, in which the paranoid dictator Joseph Stalin unleashed wave upon wave of arrests. Millions have been tortured and executed. Informants and spies are everywhere. No one knows who to trust.

Workshop Presentation

Jason (Georgia on My Mind)

A new solo play from writer/director Nick Awde and performance poet Matt Panesh.

A political comedy in verse about Georgia and the Georgians. It follows a modern-day Jason and his Argonaut going deep into the wilds of Georgia, a quest that is as humanitarian as it is absurd, as Jason meets with those displaced and dispossessed by regional conflict.

Written by Nick Awde and Matt Panesh


Welcome to the magical fairytale world of ancient Azerbaijan! The Tales of Malik-Mammed is an adventure-packed comedy inspired by Azerbaijan’s centuries-old storytelling tradition. The magician El leads you into a magic world of yesteryore when shahs ruled and dragons roamed and where the quick-witted prince Malik-Mammed sets out to prove that he’s a match for his overbearing big brothers.

Written by Chris Bartlett / Directed by Andy McQuade / Produced by Sanan Aliyev


Caught between life and death, relearning everything he thought he knew, the hero of Elchin’s comedy ‘Telescope’ is a classic everyman. But as he sees the human world he has left behind from a new perspective, how will he cope with the surprises in store from the people he thought he knew best of all?

Written by Elchin / Directed by Matthew Gould / Produced by Sanan Aliyev


A bittersweet romance, a pair, both lonely in their own ways, found themselves drawn to each other. As they form a bond that defies conventions, their relationship makes us ask whether love holds the answer to loneliness? Can we ever make love shape our lives for the better?

Written by Ilyas Afandiyev / Directed by Filiz Ozcan / Produced by Sanan Aliyev


My Favourite Madman, set in Baku city in 1995, is a roller coaster ride of anarchic fun. The farcical element of the different characters, all in their own reality of the abnormal and suicidal challenges the functioning of the whole. Which voice amongst the characters is that of the madman? Everyone could be “the madman” but natural that it is the one “sane” voice in the chaos of fantasy that is given the title.

Written by Elchin / Directed by Matthew Gould / Produced by Sanan Aliyev